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Squeaky Wheel Productions presents

BBC investigative reporter Greg Palast

"Who Profits from War on Iraq?"

"The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"

Discusses his groundbreaking stories on:

  • Bush family oil/gold interests
  • The 2000 presidential election scandal in Florida
  • Failures of the World Bank/IMF
  • U.S. role in Venezuelan coup attempt

at a fundraiser for Squeaky Wheel Productions
with Scott Harris, Denise Manzari and Melinda Tuhus
in New Haven, Connecticut April 12, 2003

These audio CDs and videotape are available through Squeaky Wheel Productions:

  • "Who Profits from War on Iraq?" audio CD of April 12, 2003 presentation in New Haven of Greg Palast ...$10
  • "Greg Palast on the Iraq War, Oil and American Empire," audio CD interview with WPKN's Scott Harris on "Counterpoint," Feb. 17, 2003 ...$10 "Counterpoint" listeners: This is the exclusive interview that almost didn't happen due to the power outage just as Scott got on the air during the blizzard of Feb. 17, 2003!
  • "Counting on Democracy," a Globalvision/Danny Schechter film on the 2000 presidential election scandal in Florida, featuring Greg Palast's investigation ...$20

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